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Away from the noise and traffic of downtown Hanoi lies a clean and quiet massage centre, jointly founded by a local NGO and an international NGO. Just Massage is operated by therapists with visual impairments who are proud to have a job with dignity and honor.

“When I do this job,” one therapist says, “I can give pleasure and relaxation to the clients, to the other people—this is my happiness. Other people’s happiness means my happiness. When clients feel stressed and troubled, they come here and I can help them release their tensions.”

Trained by a therapist from the US, Just Massage therapists offer authentic Shiatsu massage, based on Japanese techniques of opening natural channels of energy, and Swedish Therapeutic, a deep-tissue massage with aromatic oil. These massages not only improve your health but also provide opportunities, dignity, and empowerment to the therapists. Just Massage sets itself apart in its clean and expat-friendly atmosphere and in its just and powerful values