Aromatherapy is an ancient art, which involves the use of natural plant oils and massage for healing, cleansing and relaxation.Just Massage uses selected essential oils, applied through Swedish massage to deliver healing sensory experience and enlightening enjoyment.

Aromatherapy works at cellular level to enhance both physical and psychological well being. The slow and gentle massage technique helps muscles melt into deep relaxation, de-stresses the body, mind and spirit, stimulates the lymphatic system, improves the immune response, and assists the body to naturally release toxins.

Prices: 30 minutes# 175,000 / 200,000* VND
60 minutes 250,000 / 275,000* VND
90 minutes 350,000 / 375,000* VND
120 minutes 450,000 / 475,000* VND

# Only if combined with another 60 minute service
* Using Sapa Essentials' Organic massage Cream