Pregnancy Massage

In prenatal massage, massage therapists must possess good knowledge of pregnancy and the anatomy of pregnant women. Deep tissue work, abdominal kneading and certain acupressure points should be avoided. Therapist will also take extra care to make sure that positioning during a massage is safe to the both mother and the baby. A pregnancy massage should be very soothing and relaxing in style. It promotes relaxation, soothes nerves and relieves strained back and legs of expectant mothers. It helps improve the circulation of blood, reduces stress on weight-bearing joints. Most importantly, prenatal massage helps to increase the flexibility of the pregnant woman’s body so that her labor and delivery would be easier and less painful for her.

Prenatal massage is also helpful after the birth. The massage is supposed to bring back the balance into the woman’s body, which has been disrupted by her pregnancy. It also helps improve the elasticity of her skin, which has been stretched by pregnancy, as well as to bring back her muscle tone. Moreover, massage aids the mother through possible post-partum depression.

Prices: Anti Stretch-mark Massage 60 minutes 275,000 VND
90 minutes 375,000 VND
Swedish Pre-natal Massage 60 minutes 250,000 VND
90 minutes 350,000 VND
Shiatsu Pre-natal Massage 60 minutes 250,000 VND
90 minutes 350,000 VND