On-site Massage

On-site massage service / corporate wellness service.

Just Massage provides professional mobile massage services to corporates and home gatherings (birthday & pamper parties and other special ocassions). A number of corporates and organisations have signed up for our mobile services such as KPMG, Bread For The World, Intrepid and many local businesses. The price for mobile services includes transportation fee and an additional charge of 20%.

Growing number of businesses are investing on staff wellness programs. Undoubtedly healthy employees translate into increased level productivity on the job. The massage recipient is seated on a chair and remains fully clothed. Massage techniques are with focus on the upper body; head, neck, and arms. The length of a typical session lasts 15-20 minutes or the length of a typical work break.

Benefits of work-site massage

  • Reduces physical and mental effects of stress which helps prevent burnout and stress-related diseases.
  • Attract and Retain employees, increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover rate
  • Enhance and maintain good health for staff, improve productivity, creative thinking
  • Increased good feelings about the workplace and loyalty to the company
  • Worksite health promotion through massage therapy is cost beneficial and a win-win promotion. The employer benefits from better health and sense of well-being. The employee benefits from lower absenteeism, reduced turnover and lower healthcare costs.

What to do to promote your corporate health as well as support our social business concept?

  • Advocate to your corporate/office decision- maker to allow 15- 20 minutes break for each staff to enjoy massage therapy
  • Spend a part of corporate social welfare budget for this corporate wellness program
  • Give gift certificate as a present to staff on their birthdays or special occasions
  • Integrate massage service to corporate’s events or staff retreats

Or simply get a massage at our studio!