About Us

Our History

Just Massage Therapists Group Photo Just Massage (www.justmassage.org.vn) is a social enterprise that provides youths who are visually impaired and from difficult economic background with vocational training and supports them to attain sustainable employment. It began in late 2007 as collaboration between Action for the City, a local NGO and an international NGO to create a place for young adults with visual impairments to learn the art of massage and earn a fair wage from their skills.

After more than 2 years of successful operation by Action for the city, Just Massage grew into an independent social business in July 2010.

Our philosophy

Our vision is to be an increasingly successful social enterprise in a well-being profession, a place that provides empowerment, opportunity and dignified employment for disadvantaged youth. A large part of its benefit from massage services will be the financial sources to train disadvantaged youths the art of massage, providing them with dignified jobs as well as supporting social activities.

Just Massage Therapists Group Photo