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Excellent massage techniques served with sincere hospitality

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VETTER Magazine, (No.035 issued on August 3rd, 2011)
Article in "Life Style Review" section

Walking into the French style villa located by the side of West Lake, I was invited by the staff to come inside - a spacious salon. Lying on the sofa, I enjoyed a cool drink and idly looked through the menu.


Sketch Magazine

Just Massage – Foreigners’ Favorite Japanese-styled Acupressure

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Feature by SKETCH (August 2011)

This is a massage center, which is highly appreciated because of its Japanese technique of acupressure practiced by visual-impaired therapists. Equipped by clean and opened room system, Just Massage has the majority of customers who are foreigners and expats living and working in Vietnam.


Thanh Nien News Article

At Just Massage, come also for a good social cause

Thanh Nien News/ Thanh Nien Weekly

(TN-HANOI) Besides a stable income, there’s one more thing that Nguyen Thi He likes about being a massage therapist: it teaches her patience. “I’ve become calmer and more focused,” the 23-year-old said. "I like making others feel relaxed and relieve their stress." Ms He does her job mostly from feeling and touching though. Because of astigmatism, she can’t see that much, about 1/10 in one eye and 2/10 in the other. Her father and brother also suffer from serious visual impairments. About two years ago, her father brought home a flyer after attending a meeting held by their local community’s association for the blinds. It recruited young adults with visual impairments to get training and work as massage therapists in a newly-opened facility opened in Hanoi.


Heritage Magazine Article

Heritage Magazine

Away from the noise and traffic of downtown Hanoi lies a clean and quiet massage centre, jointly founded by a local NGO and an international NGO. Just Massage is operated by therapists with visual impairments who are proud to have a job with dignity and honor.